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We provide a comprehensive pilot information document for you to download and review.

Pilot Information - Evans Head Airpark

Pilot Information Policy

Develop Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome owned and operated by Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd including facilities and infrastructure above and below the ground whilst continuing to research the most effective usage of the Aerodrome ensuring the best outcomes for the Aerodrome and the broader community.
The development of the aerodrome usage patterns and natural attributes of the facilities to enable sustainable operation of the facilities into the future
Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd owns and manages Evans Head Aerodrome (known as the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome). Evans Head Aerodrome is classified by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Australia, as non-certified, non-registered aerodrome.

Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome is a NSW State Heritage Listed Site. The aerodrome is used by a range of commercial and private aviators plus non-aviation users. Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd has a responsibility to properly manage the aerodrome to ensure public safety and heritage protection for the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome.

As a non-certified, non-registered aerodrome, Evans Head Airpark Pty Ltd is not required under the regulations to provide aerodrome information to Aeronautical Information Service (AIS), Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) or be included in Enroute Supplement Australia (ERSA). However, Evans Head Air Park has chosen to have information published in ERSA regarding Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome.

It should be noted that Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd cannot issue through CASA, a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) when there is a change in use because the Aerodrome is nonregistered. Information on the condition of the aerodromes is only available by direct contact with Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd Ground Operator 0479 079 959

Evans Head Aerodrome is recognised as an Aeroplane Landing Areas (ALA). Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines ALA outlines compulsory obligations pilots must abide by when planning to use the Evans Head Aerodrome.

Pilots must read and understand the Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines Dated: July 1992 No: 92-1(1) Guidelines before planning a flight to Evans Head. See below extract from Civil Aviation Authority Guidelines ALA
(1) states that: “An aircraft shall not land at, or take-off from, any place unless: …(d) the place….is suitable for use as an aerodrome for the purposes of the landing and taking-off of aircraft; and, having regard to all the circumstances of the proposed landing or take-off (including the prevailing weather conditions), the aircraft can land at, or take-off from, the place in safety.” Regulation 92 (1) does not specify the method of determining which “circumstances”, other than the prevailing weather conditions, should be considered in any particular case. These matters are the responsibility of the pilot in command and, in some circumstances, are shared with the aircraft operator. These guidelines set out factors that may be used to determine the suitability of a place for the landing and taking-off of aeroplanes. Experience has shown that, in most cases, application of these guidelines will enable a take-off or landing to be completed safely, provided that the pilot in command: (a) has sound piloting skills; and (b) displays sound airmanship.

Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd is managing a live working system process and procedure that provides clear and consistent guidelines to aviation and non-aviation users of The Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome.

The new fee structure will promote ongoing maintenance as listed in NSW State Heritage Agreement. Evans Head Airpark will continue to establish the fly neighbourly agreements for aerodromes and work closely with authorities and community to establish guidelines on the suitability of use.

Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd will also work to establish a safe procedure for closure of an aerodrome should a unforeseen situation arise. EHAP will also establish an Incident, accident or near miss reporting procedure process. 

From 16 June 2022 the following CTAF will apply:

Evans Head – 126.7 MHz
Ballina – 124.2 MHz (no change)
Lismore and Casino – 132.45 MHz
Evans Head – 126.7 MHz

Aviators Intending to utilise Evans Head Aerodrome must be aware the RAAF Bombing Range can be active at any time. Please check if the Bombing Range is active before planning a visit. NOTAMS are issued when the Bombing Range is in use.
All authorised Aerodrome users must provide public liability insurance which indemnifies Evans Head Air Park Pty Ltd against all claims of public liability. The Public Liability insurance for a sum not less than twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) at all times with an insurer approved by Evans Head Air Park.

Evans Head Air Park may request a Certificate of Currency be provided before visiting the aerodrome. EHAP will accept aviation clubs’ public liability insurance covering its members, provided that the clubs’ insurance is consistent with the normal insurance requirements applicable to all aviation applicants using the aerodrome and for the proposed use.