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Surveillance Flight Information Service

Airservices is introducing enhanced traffic services, in Class G airspace, through the provision of the Surveillance Flight Information Service (SFIS) at selected regional non-towered aerodromes across Australia.

The SFIS is the provision of traffic information to IFR/IFR, IFR/VFR, and VFR/VFR aircraft operating within a CASA declared broadcast area using the aerodrome’s discrete Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF).

All aircraft operating in the aerodrome’s broadcast area will be required to comply with existing CTAF and Class G rules and recommendations. Aircraft will also be required to broadcast their intentions to enable the SFIS controller operator to provide aircrew with an enhanced traffic service, improve situational awareness, and reduce cockpit workload when operating in close proximity, during busy times.

Airservices is proposing to first introduce the enhanced traffic service at Ballina and Mangalore on 17 June 2021.

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Evans Head Airpark - Airport Evans Head

From 16 June 2022 the following CTAF will apply: 

Evans Head – 126.7 MHz

Ballina – 124.2 MHz (no change)

Lismore and Casino – 132.45 MHz