Evans Head Museum

As part of its commitment to Australian aviation & military heritage, Evans Head Airpark Pty Ltd committed to restore and rebuild the NSW Heritage listed Bellman Hangar, which had been left in a state of unusable & unsafe disrepair for many years.  In addition to this, the Airpark consortium pledged to obtain a decommissioned RAAF F-111 as the headline attraction for an aviation museum to be created & housed in the restored hangar.

As good as our word we have acted and completed on our commitments, and Evans Head is now the proud caretaker of the iconic Australian F-111 fighter bomber. It is housed in the fully restored Bellman Hangar under the auspices of the newly created museum run by the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Heritage Aviation Association (EHMAHAA).

Museum Sign
08 Future Museum Aerial

The Future Museum & Community Precinct

A large site is being made available as a location for a future museum and community use precinct to house the expansion of the existing museum, the Evans Head Living Museum, and the needs of other existing community groups that use the aerodrome for their activities.

It is hoped other significant organisations with strong connections to the aerodrome will take up the offer to make Evans Head their base and ensure the visitors to the facility will enjoy a truly memorable experience appreciating the historic significance of the aerodrome. The facility will become a major regional tourist attraction.

Evans Head Museum Has Its Own Website!

The restoration of the hangar and the museum it houses were completed and officially opened to the public by Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian War Memorial in Aug 2013.

To find out details about visiting the museum, its opening hours and how to get there, please visit their website at www.ehmahaa.org.au  or click on the button to the right.