We are a group of passionate aviators and supporters of the aviation industry with a vision to preserve the heritage value and significance of the Evans Head Memorial Areodrome.

With superior runway configurations, extensive taxiways and aprons, and a superb coastal location, we believe the best way to manage and preserve the aerodrome is to encourage and develop a residential airpark development.  An airpark development is unique and will differentiate Evans Head from the multitude of other similar coastal towns.

With aviation related businesses encouraged and invited to participate, we believe we can reinvigorate the aerodrome while providing a diverse range of economic and employment opportunities in  Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism related businesses in the Evans Head and Richmond Valley regions.

Our Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome proposal would include;

  • Residential hangar homes
  • Commercial Aviation Premises
  • Private Hangar Space
  • Historical Museum
  • War Memorial &
  • Club rooms


If you are interested in anyway with the idea of a residential airpark in Evans Head, we ask you to read our proposal, and send us your details via the ‘Getting Involved’ page.